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A single mum to 2 amazing girls and juggling an office job just wasn’t working. So after 17 years in marketing I am following my dream to be a personal trainer and nutritional coach.


I spent most of my life worrying about My weight and had low self confidence.  I then suffered an eating disorder I became obsessed with exercise to control my weight, then suffered from fertility issues due to a nutritionally poor diet, rigorous exercise, toxins, stress and depression. I have been working out since I was 10 years old so have tried everything from the gym, to running marathons and 100 mile cycles to working out in the living. I love food and I love cooking especially healthy food but I do eat emotionally so after years of researching food I developed my Moodfit diet plan that will help boost energy, give you mental clarity, help you to stay full and stop those cravings, detox your body and make you look and feel amazing like I do.

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Baked salmon with Greek grains

Baked Salmon with Greek Grains

Winter warmer with a Mediterranean feel baked salmon with Greek grains