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After many years of depriving my body of food and punishing my body with gruelling cardio workouts i realised the damage i was doing to myself both physically and mentally.

So after 2 children and a lot of stress i was forced to look after myself. I changed my workouts from stressful cardio to short bursts of HIit along side resistance, strengthening and conditioning as well as weight lifting to create a strong lean healthy body.

Ive had my struggles with food over the years an enemy for a long time is now one of my passions. I love creating healthy meals and treats that are high in protein, slow release carbs, good fats, natural sugars that are fun to make and delicious, even my kids love my healthy alternatives to their favourite meals and treats.


They are also packed with all of the nutrients we need to have a healthy and strong mind and body.


Healthy Mind Healthy Body

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Learn about how to focus on the now with Mindfulness meditation and daily practices.

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Supplements will give you what you cant get from food building up your nutrition, burn fat & build lean muscle.


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Learn about the right foods to build lean muscle, burn fat and nourish your body.

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Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

Yes i do charge for Nutritional plans, you can buy as part of a package or if you have dietary requirements i have Vegan, Vegetarian, Bodybuilding plans but you can also request a tailor made one if you suffer any medical conditions or allergies.

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

As a single mum i had to learn to train at home and not being able to go for a run or go for a cycle. I from a young age did home workouts and enjoyed learning bodyweight exercises that were as effective as using gym equipment and along the journey have added in simple pieces of equipment into my workouts such as resistance bands and ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell, skipping ropes and weight plates. 

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

As previously stated my favorite home workout equipment is skipping for cardio, kettlebells, barbell, weightplates, dumbbells and medicine balls for building lean muscle, resistance bands and ropes for toning and pull up bars and hoops for strengthening. Boxing is also a great way to keep fit, burn fat and stay lean a punch bag a set of gloves and pads is all you need, i have my punchbag set up on the end of the kids swing set in the garden.

Do you only train females?

No i train both females and males of all ages, from my boxercise classes with kids and adults to personal training and online plans. in my eyes age is only a number and i also work with older clients who are looking to build strength and maintain healthy muscle mass and strong bones.

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